PRAVDA - Philadelphia based alternative hard rock band, formed since 2012.

PRAVDA’s music does not fit standard molds of any particular genre, but rather creates a new sound with foundation in Rock, splashes of Pop and Dance, along with elements of Metal, Punk, and richness of Soul. Dynamic catchy riffs backed by groove-based rhythm section of melodic bass lines and punchy drums in combination with powerful yet vulnerable vocals is what sets PRAVDA aside and grabs audience’s attention. 

There are 2 female vocalists whose voices stick out in my mind. The singer in Heart, and the singer in Pravda.
— Dustin Dellinger, Gashouse Radio
I strongly recommend seeing this talented group live or getting your hands on the music, because it will certainly not disappoint.
— Jennifer Heydt, Reading Eagle
My best guess is that Pravda is the illegitimate lovechild of an alcohol-fueled 3-way between The Cranberries, Tool and Primus.
— Rich Umberger, Dark Horse Strings